#2500-4000 €#

2000-4500 Grafts

Best price included listed below….

  • Blood test which is necessary before the surgery
  • After care medication such as medication against to infections, swelling and pain,
  • PRP treatments will be practiced during and after surgery which is help for quick recovery
  • Shampoo and lotion for washing
  • 1 night accommodation in the hotel
  • 1 night accommodation in the Hospital
  • Transportation

For getting more information about Hair Transplantation surgery you can get free consultation on the phone or in the clinic

Best prices of hair transplantation is surely one of the most important thinsg for the people who are in need of this operation.It is vital for a person to spend his money on proper things and value his salary.The hair transplantation prices are very different in our counrty.We chose the best price for each package

Hair transplantation prices even changes from city to city in our country.

There are basic criterias for transplantation  such as;

*Is the patient operated by the doctor?

*The referances and the previous experiences of the


*whether the transplantation is made at the hospital or not

*The type of the operation(FUT-FUE,slit techniques,opening a cahnnel by a jilet,injection,pen etc)

*high standart quality

It is the patient who is going to decide the best techniques for him or herself

  • We do transplantations at the hospital called Medical Park Hopital in Antalya,where is the capital of tourism in Turkey.Nowadays it is a new trend to have the opaeration done and have a vocation
  • You can get back your new hair while you are havig a holiday near the sea side which is full of the best hotels of the world.


Free Consultation!

You can do free consultation with sending pictures. Your pictures will be reviewed by Dr. SEYMAN whether your problem of hair loss can be cured by a method other than hair transplantation, and if it is curable, what the subsequent steps are. You can get helpful information such as for operation planning, process, post-operation, and determine a treatment process tailored to your needs if transplantation is needed.

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