Many diseases are attributable to the deficiency of stem cells or greatly affected by them.

Stem cells are actually in our bone marrow but they are continuously in motion to organs and skin in order to renew all other functions of the body. In certain cases, these stem cells are motionless. Most important characteristic of stem cells is that they are the only cells that divide to turn into any deficient cell wherever they are needed in the human body.
PRP stem cell treatment is a groundbreaking method with the Mesotherapy method in hair loss and restoration of damaged hair. As is the case in everything, this operation should be performed by a specialized and experienced person. Otherwise, the stem cells that are collected from your body will not be of any use

How Is PRP Performed?

What we require from our patients is only blood in a small tube. We centrifuge this blood to collect stem cells and ensure that it is collected in the plasma that is condensed in the most efficient manner. The method, angle, and time of the centrifuge, and the device that is used

Who Can Have a PRP Operation?

For PRP operations, a specialist assessment should be made, then the operation should be planned for the relevant person, and the number of sessions and the period among sessions should be decided. Several PRP stem cell operations per year will provide benefits many patients and anyone who need such operations.

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