Woman Hair Transplant

 Female type hair loss can be caused by certain factors other than genetic ones, and the site of hair loss may not proceed in the typical areas unlike in male type hair loss. The primary reasons for hair loss in women are childbirth, malnutrition, hormonal disorders (excessive testosterone), thyroid disease and similar other diseases, irresponsible use of cosmetic products, medications, and hair dyes, perm, and blow-drying may cause such problems.


The most lasting and guaranteed solution to the problem caused by hair loss or baldness in men is hair transplantation. However, New Hairline Antalya Hair Transplantation Center does not guarantee success in hair transplantation in women due to genetic reasons and structural status of women’s hair.


Our previous article titled “Other treatment methods of hair loss” contains information about PRP and Mesotherapy practices.


The factors that cause hair loss are different for women and men. They include stress, malnutrition, crash diets, heavy medications that harm hair follicles and also genetic factors are among them. The causes of hair loss specific to women primarily include childbirth and hormonal disorders. Although some of such causes are curable, the cases in which all of the follicles or grafts are dead are not remediable. It is not possible to revive dead grafts.

Beard Transplantation

Beard transplantation is a difficult operation that requires attention and an elaborate effort. Dr. E SEYMAN only uses FUE Method and emphasizes extra care for the aesthetic appearance of our patients. Beard transplantation particularly takes place in the middle of the face, and since they are located on visible places, the experience nurse should particularly avoid making mistakes.


For beard transplantation, we harvest the grafts located on the donor part of the head, which is the area between the two ears. Since the beard region is not a large area, the follicles at the back of the head would be sufficient for this operation. The only exception is that if multiple surgery of hair transplantations have been made with the grafts taken from the donor, the grafts of the chest hair may also be used in order to avoid potential disruption of donor appearance. In such cases, our experience nurse will not make promises about the level of success due to the structure of the grafts that are transplanted.